We Need the Island's Best to Volunteer

While Vashon is recognized as a leading community  in disaster preparedness, we are still very thin when it comes to functioning 24/7 should a major disaster strike the Island.  Help is needed and training will be provided in Emergency Operation Center functions, in sheltering and feeding, neighborhood preparedness, MRC medical operations, CERT Command posts, ARES Local Area Communication Centers (LACC) operations and other of the many areas where we're active.

Let us know of your interest in volunteering: what skills do you have and what's motivated you? Feel free to invite friends to join you in training as it is a rewarding, empowering experience. It all starts with the following form though.

To get started as a volunteer, please register with this web site or complete the following information and email a version to: Volunteer@VashonBePrepared.org.

    Volunteer Information Sign-Up Form

    Name: ------------------------------------------------------------

    Residence (street) address: ____________________________________________

    City, zip: _______________, WA ____________

    General neighborhood location of your home: ______________________________

    Mailing address: ____________________________________________________

    City, zip: ____________________, WA __________

    Home phone: ________________________

    Cell phone: ____________________________ Pager: ____________________

    Work phone: ___________________________ Fax: ____________________

    If licensed, radio call sign and type of license: _______________________________

    Email(s) (indicate preferred): ________________________________________


    Are you part of a current neighborhood NERO team? Yes   No   Uncertain of my neighborhood's status


    Have you taken all or part of Vashon's CERT course? Partial    All (completed course)


    Are you currently a Registered Emergency Worker with State of Washington?   Yes   No

    If so, please bring your card with you to all disaster prep/response functions and give us a copy.


    What related Vashon or regional activities/organizations are you currently involved with, and what is your role?


    If you have a medical practitioner's license, indicate type, license # and expiration date

    Are you registered with the Medical Reserve Corps, King County?   Yes   No


    If you already know what they are, indicate your primary and secondary roles with Vashon's disaster response efforts. If you don't yet have a niche, what are your interests?


    What languages other than English do you speak/read well enough to provide basic translator services?


    Summarize your skills/resources pertinent to disaster prep & response and all of VashonBePrepared's endeavors (everything from construction to tech to PR to cooking for large groups to all of our EOC functions):


    (Help out: we need to improve this process, perhaps following a neat model like that at www.kcls.org/volunteer - or something else. Any of you have a good ideas for this?)

    VashonBePrepared Volunteer Action Steps

    VashonBePrepared is all about volunteering!

    If you are motivated to help out, congratulations. Here is a list of actions you can take. There's many opportunities to start prepare yourself, your family and business, and neighborhood - but just start with one.  Consider enlisting another to work with and tackle these in any order you wish!

    Action Steps

    • To get started as a volunteer, please register with this web site or complete the following information and email a version to: Volunteer@VashonBePrepared.org. We'll contact you directly to explore your interests and suggest how you can get involved in helping Vashon become more resilient.
    • Attend our VashonBePrepared 101 course. Its a great introduction to the risks on the island and all the partners working on community preparedness.
    • Explore current volunteer openings with our various partners. We have lots of projects in need of your energy. Some are artistic and others are simple organization projects.
    • Ensure your family has taken basic preparedness steps as outlined in our Are your Ready section of the website. The more self-sufficient families there are on Vashon, the more emergency personnel will be able to focus their energies on the truly needy in a crisis.
    • Work with businesses to take basic business continuity steps.
    • Socialize with your neighbors and create basic communication lists so you can reach each other during times of limited communications availability. Who will care for your children, pets and livestock if you are stranded on the mainland for several days? You've just created a NERO.
    • Consider obtaining an amateur radio license allowing you to communicate with a network of others on and off island regardless of distance or reliance on external power or communication lines.
    • Take a CERT class to get advanced training and proactively help others during crises.
    • Learn about Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) by taking a free hour-long FEMA online course.
    • Investigate the courses at www.volunteerready.org, on Code of Conduct, Know Before You Go, Spirit of Service, Physical Safety and more!